How to choose a watch?
08.02.2023 | megoolg | Megoolg

Clocks and clocks, as decorations and articles of use, can also play a dual role in home feng shui, which can help the residents' fortune and hinder the residents' fortune, so if they are placed properly, the shape and size are suitable for good luck, and vice versa for bad luck. Today we will explain how to choose and place clocks from the home feng shui.

First of all, we consider how to choose from the shape and size of the clock.

The shapes of clocks and watches are mostly round, but there are also some square, hexagonal, roof-shaped, and some special shapes such as piano-shaped and larger floor-shaped clocks. From the shape of these clocks, we can divide them into; , the square is earth and gold, the rhombus and sharp angle are fire, the rectangle is wood, etc. It depends on the placement position. Clocks and watches in the shape of gold, water and earth are suitable for placing in the south, west and north positions. Fire and wood-shaped clocks and watches are more suitable to be placed in the due east position. In terms of size, some larger clocks are more suitable for placement in the living room, while smaller clocks are more suitable for placement in bedrooms and study rooms.

Secondly, we consider the color of the clock;

In the colors of the five elements: red and pink are fire, black and blue are water, yellow and beige are earth, green and cyan are wood, and white is gold. Then some residents whose numerology lacks fire can naturally choose red or pink clocks, and those whose numerology lacks water can choose black or blue clocks, and so on..., this color is suitable for numerology clocks , not only can play the role of reminding the time, but also can virtually improve the fortune of the residents, and improve the impact of the five elements missing in numerology on health and personal fortune.

Finally, we determine taboos from the placement position;

In terms of placement of clocks and watches at home, the three most suitable locations are the living room, study room, and bedroom. There are taboos for placing clocks and watches in other locations. Clocks and watches in the living room should be a little bigger. They can be placed on both sides of the TV background wall, or on both sides of the sofa in the living room, but they must not be placed behind the sofa in the living room, and it is not easy to place them facing the entrance. The location of the door is inevitably suspected of "welcoming the funeral and sending the end". It is advisable to place a clock in the study with a small round clock, but it should not be placed directly opposite the desk or behind the seat. When placing clocks in the bedroom, you can choose the shape of the clock according to the orientation of the five elements and the color of the clock, but you must pay attention to avoid facing the big bed and placing it directly above the head of the bed.

Small clocks and watches have developed to this day. They are not only the time basis for our trips and appointments, but also serve as a warning bell when placed in the living room. Our own clocks are also of great significance to our living environment and Feng Shui influence.