Placement of the clock - which 3 places in the home cannot be hung?
08.02.2023 | megoolg | Megoolg

In our home life, clocks are the most common decoration, which can not only increase the sense of luxury of the home, but also check the time through the clock.

Many elders have always said; "Watches and clocks are not hung, wealth and well-being", which means that there are many places in the home where clocks and watches cannot be placed. If they are placed, it will not only spoil the luck, but also affect our living.

I didn’t understand it at first, but when I moved to a new house, I found out that the old man said that “clocks and watches should not be hung 3 times” has a scientific basis, so I shared the three places where clocks and watches cannot be placed at home. If you still place them, Then correct it quickly.

1. The head of the bedroom
At the beginning, my family put the clock on the bedside of the bedroom, but this matter was stopped by the elders of the family, because in the traditional thinking of the elders, there is a clock on the bedside, which has a bad meaning.
The bedside can not put clocks, not only because of some ancient legends, but also some scientific reasons. When we sleep, if the clock keeps ringing, it may affect our sleep quality. Nowadays, many young people are stressed, so the quality of sleep is particularly poor. If a clock is placed next to the bed, it may prevent us from falling asleep. , will also affect our health. Therefore, when we place clocks and watches, we must not place the clocks and watches on the bedside of the bedroom. If you want to place a clock by the bed, try to place an electronic watch instead of a clock with moving hands, as the sound of a clock with moving hands is louder, which will affect our sleep quality.

2. Behind the sofa
Nowadays, when decorating, many young people hang various decorative paintings on the wall behind the sofa, and there are also many decorative paintings with clocks on them, but in the minds of the older generation, clocks cannot be hung behind the sofa of. Putting the clock behind the sofa represents "there will be an end in the future", which is also a bad meaning. At first I sneered at this point, thinking it was just a common saying that the old people often say, but when I actually moved into the new home, I found that there is a certain scientific reason for not putting a clock behind the sofa. If you hang a clock behind the sofa, if the clock is too heavy or the wall is not strong enough to hold the nails, the clock is easy to fall off, and it is very dangerous to hit people's paintings.

3. Opposite the entrance
When many people place clocks and watches, they will place the clocks directly opposite the entrance, so that they can see the time as soon as they enter the door. In fact, this placement is not correct. In house feng shui, it is best not to directly see the bathroom door, clocks, and mirrors in the house when entering the house, all of which will affect the family fortune. It seems metaphysical, but it actually has certain scientific principles. For example, when a family member is a guest at home, as soon as he enters the door, he sees the door of the bathroom, or a mirror, or a clock. The door of the bathroom is directly facing the entrance. It will be really embarrassing when someone comes to the house as a guest, but the mirror is directly facing the person. The first time a guest at home may see himself in the mirror, it is really easy to be scary at night Jumping, and the clock symbolizes the time, you can see the time when you enter the door, there is always a feeling of driving people away.